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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> that breaking news in san francisco tonight where police have shot a suspect in the city mission district. good evening mission district. good evening. >> the shooting happened just about an hour ago at folsom and 24th. >> 7 news reporter is life at the scene tonight with the latest on this. alan? >>reporter: yes this is a confirmed fatal officer involved shooting happened a little of an hour ago behind me. we are in the mission at folsom and 24th street. i can tell you there is a body on the street about 20 yards behind me street about 20 yards behind me. the crime scene coughs the entire block. witness also tell me there may be 2 suspects in custody here at the scene. don't know how it happened or the identity of the person who was shot and killed. very fluid situation rate now. we bring you more information as
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it becomes available. we are live in san francisco abc 7 news. >> all right alan thank you. >> first rescued. then they were arrested. 2 men in custody tonight suspected of vamizing historic military structure at the waterfront at fort baker in sausalito. before they could be arrested they had to be rescued after stalk on a cliff. 7 news reporter is live in sausalito with the story. we just learned the suspect name identified as lewis and zane. park rangers say they were actually running from authorities when they suddenly found themselves being rescued by authorities. >> 2 men rescue from steep cliff in sausalito. >> one person was approximately 50 feet. the other one 150 150 feet down. >> chopper pluck one man from the precarious porch and lift him that the air. firefighters rest cute second man using rope rest
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cute second man using rope. first head he had h1n1 to create their own anchor using large rod. >> drive them into the ground to stabilize and secure our self to the land then we go down and pick up the victim and bring them back up. >> promptly arrested. these men are suspected vandal. park rangers came upon them during rel regular patrol at 4:30 n.restricted area and they ran. >> appears they were trying to evade by going down the hill. very steep cliff as one was trying to come back up the cliff he kind of got stuck started to fall down. >> sky 7 hd you cap see graffiti on historic military structure in the area but rangers say too early in the evening to know if these 2 men are responsible for it. >> closed to the public so it's kind of a haven for people who like to vandalize and it historic park and historic area historic park and historic area. >>reporter: they face charges including trespassing resisting an officer and vandalism. they are from san rafael.
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>> many chimp at the san francisco zoo are staying put. tonight following an investigation the zoo director has cancelled plans to move them to another facility. fvl dan was at that announcement today. >> san francisco zoo director peterson made announcement at this joint zoo committee meeting this evening. >> we made the decision to keep our 3 aging chimpanzee here at the san francisco zoo. >>reporter: we first told you on tuesday the zoo was building shipping crate for the chimp sending them to in amusement park. they arrived in san francisco 45 years ago l after being caught in the wild. the only male 10 years in entertain l. circus. television and film before he came to the zoo. he is the oldest male chimp in any american zoo. believed to be in his late 50's well past a chimp normal life spachbility peterson now says the zoo will augment the chimpen closure and
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fundraising for new exhibit to bring in additional chimp. >> i heard the bad news that this particular exhibit could cost up to continue million dollars. we do not have a lead donor for this facility. >>reporter: all this is welcome news to the chimp keeper and fans. >> i'm excited that we were able to do this for them and they don't have to be traumatized and leave and that the zoo is actually going to step up for whatever reason and do what they should have done for them 18 years ago. >>reporter: we learned peterson did not sdhus with the chimp species survival plan run out of chicago lincoln park zoo. >> we make decisions about which chimp should breathe and have babies as well as decision about moving chimp from one zoo to another. >>reporter: as director ross said in our investigation earlier this week, it's important for zoo to create chimp group as they exist in the wild. with at least 3 adult male and 5 mature female
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and off spring. >> in a zoo like san francisco with small group what we are looking for is to give them social options. >>reporter: i confirmed today the zoo tried to bring in a fourth chimp but the ss p turned them down because the place is too old. i'll keep you up to date on what happens next. this is 7 news. >> mountain lions sighting in woodside has residents on edge. 2 seeing the 2 seeing things in the past few day. most reese then the morning on mountain wood lane. p.m. we snapped the picture of the animal outside a glass door just moments after arriving at work this morning. >> so i immediately locked the door and i just thought my god washington do do i? and he wasn't going away just pacing back and forth. >>reporter: the sheriff's department arrived few minutes later as the mountain lions headed back into the woods. experts say woodside is the natural habitat so you can easily cross path with one. as long as you leave them alone they should leave you alone. >> well police just relessed identity of the suspect in
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homicide in hercules. investigators say he is mark anthony kara 27-year-old from san pablo. they also confirm the killing happened after home invasion. witness saw car choking a man on butter cup court wednesday afternoon. that man died. police say car also critically injured a many would. officers found car about a block away with blood on him. also recovered a beebee gun they believe he brought to that home. >> sonoma county sheriff's officials investigating after a body was discovered this morning in a home on rose avenue in pen grove. authorities are investigating it as possible homicide. violent crime detectives were on the scene this afternoon. authorities haven't released any information on the cause of defendant or the name of the victim. >> new video of isis ransacking museum in iraq. the unidentified men with terror group isis went in the mosul museum with sledge hammers as you can see and other tools. shattered statue and other artifact. isis posted the video on facebook saying that god ordered the vandalism. >> interpretation of the corran
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lead them to the want to destroy what they consider to be idol. >> there are also reports they burned thousands of book and manuscript dating back to the ottoman empire. united nations calls it definite satelliteing act of destruction of library collection in human history. >> mean time we now know identity of this man known as jihad john. friends say mohammad is the man seen in the isis beheading video. he was born in kuwait. raced in london and graduate wait from university. white house and british anti-terror officials not initially confirmed his identity. >> popular bay area estate garden now the subject of bitter controversy. this estate in woodside has operated as non-profit for decade but now hundreds of volunteers are quist and even rae moving the estate from the will. it's all over a new waiver that more than 1300 volunteers have been asked to decide. it include a line stating volunteer shall
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not sue the non-profit that runs them or hold them leebl for any injury. if he has been volunteering for 16 years here and he says he won't sign the waiver fight leoal. people we talked to say that the whole document really physician not appropriate for the things that are being done out there. >> executive director of them tells us they are surprised by the reaction and the agreement is meant to dissuade frivolous lawsuit but not ignore the needs of our volunteers. >> we update you on story we pwrut on the morning news. late this afternoon the bart board voted to make change to the floor plan of the new bart car to make them wheelchair friendly. it moves the zone to the middle door and remove the pole in that area. that allow more than 1 wheelchair ride tore sit together. new cars are set to roll out in two
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years time. >> great dress debate that has overwhelmed the webb. next on 7 news. team white and gold or maybe blue and black? we take a closer look at the picture that sparked a million argument tonight. >> yes. new measles warning. popular bay area restaurant where hundreds of diners may have been exposed. >> and llama on the lamb be. slow speed chase that had everyone talking today. >> the winds are picking up this evening. usher in cooler air tomorrow and chance of showers over the weekend. details on timi
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>> there's a new warning for bart riders about the possible exposure to measles. san mateo resident the newest case. that person took a richmond bound bart brain last friday from million bay to civic center in san francisco between 4:30 and 5:00 p.m. public health officials say the risk to ride officials say the risk to riders is low. this is the second time this month bart riders have potentially been exposed to measles. now 127 indicates measles in california indicates measles in california. 17 of those are in the bay area. city of berkeley issued an alert tonight saying person with measles fv dined at the restaurant here on february 20 possibly exposing hundreds of foley dine investigators the virus. >> okay. prepare for a test. we are about to show you a picture that is racing around the internet on social media to see what you see. >> here it is. woman in a dress. the question is what cloris tonight blue and black or white and gelled?
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>> lisa is live in los altos to see what people are saying there. it's kind of tricky. >> of pit about is really confusion. i have to admit i have gone back and forth as far as the color combo i see in the photo. really seem to keep changing in here in los altos. opinion were pretty close. half in one camp and other people i spwobing were in camp black and blue. >> this is the dress that is sparking debate on the streets and on line. >> if the dress mean white and gold or black and blue. >>reporter: dress talk hasn't slowed down all night. at first and main sports lounge the guess the dress color has become a bar game of sorts. fight white and goyshltiond the 2 roommates looking at the same photo at the same time. >> i don't know i saw blue and black. if.
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>> gold and white. i don't know how you got blue and black. >>reporter: then there are those who simply can't believe their own eyes. if. >> gold and white to you? it's a trick. >>reporter: some were adamant about there being just one color combo. >> the people are idiots. gold and white. >>reporter: on twitter even some big name celeb and company were getting in on it. lift tweeted may all the lift rides be as golden as the dress. we are team white and gold. actress mindy said i think i'm getting so mad about the dress because it's an assault on what i believe is objective truth. ellen posted from this day on the world will be divided into 2 people. blue and black or white and gold. it seems the truth is in the eye of the beholder. lisa abc 7 news. >> of it's amazing. the dress is trending on twitter. actress emma tweeted my mom texted me white and gold. duh. >> actor bj tweeted i love the
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picture of the pope in his traditional black and blue. >> even the giants got in on the debate. this picture with caption trophy make a stop at the usf don game tonight. great scarf but is it black and blue or white and gold. >> i see white and gold. >> i do too. if you want to know is what really going open here you may want to see one way or the other good to our web site. here's a hint. has to do with your eyes. >> we posted the signtive ix explanation and joined the debate white and gold or are you blue and black. >> post a comment on our web site. post one on our facebook page as well. i see white and gold completely. >> me too. drew? checking our weather and what do you see in the dress. >> white and gold too. in the story it looks blue and black. i don't know. changes whenever you see it. we talk about weather tonight. talking about a cooler day on the way for your friday and then the threat of wet weather moves in for
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saturday. tvl we have dry sky up above and photo in my twitter page. where you live early this evening notice above the golden gate. high clouds streaming in ahead of the next system moving in from the north. east bay hills camera. camera shaking quite a bit. wind has increased. we saw gust over 30 miles per hour that's going to continue overnight tonight. those winds will wring in a cooler air mass for tomorrow. scattered showers for saturday and weekend snow. in the sierra. right now temperature wise 55 currently oakland. 56 san francisco. 57 hayward. san jose 55. livermore checking in at 54 degrees. satellite radar show you the story we track our storm. coming out of canada at this hour. die south but quick moving system and moisture star moving system and moisture star. not a lot of rain associated with this next storm unfortunately. but take you through future weather tomorrow mexico tour of sunshine clouds throughout the day perhaps late in the evening. isolated
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shower in the south bay and even to the early saturday morning. rain look to be confined along the peninsula and south bay. by saturday afternoon any one fair game for isolated shower but everything is very lit in nature and thinks out of here by saturday evening. if terms of rain fall not impressive unfortunately. around the bay generally less than tenth of an inch where showers linger longer and south by as much of quarter inch of rain by saturday evening. we are talking about some snow the sierra winter weather advisory in effect tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 o'clock 4 to 8 inches of snow. possible. 5500 feet even a foot possible in the higher elevation travel delay chain requirement will be likely. overnight low in the bay area. mixture of stars clouds out there. 53 downtown san francisco. 52 overnight oakland. 50 fremont dropping to 49 in san jose. high for your friday. noticeably cooler tomorrowp it was today. breeze kicking up and 25 miles per hour gust. 59 and 62 san
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rafael. 61 san francisco. up to 62 in free mont. get up to 63 in fairfield. accu-weather 7 day forecast. slit chance of showers primarily in the evening. best chance for the showers is saturday in the afternoon but all light and very scattered in nature. it's out of here by sunday so better half of the weekend is definitely the second half. we dry out more sunshine on the way and wind will relax. by monday mixture of sunshine and clouds out there. temperatures pretty seasonable for this time of the year. tuesday steady pattern continues and by wednesday and thursday we are talking about dry conditions and possibility of another warming trend on the way that has been the trend. >> definitely. thanks drew. >> coming up next on 7 news the stars aligning. >> good cause that
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>> llama on the lamb be. 2 llama got loose in sun city arizona and for nearly 30 minutes they were on a wild chase as they tried to corral the pair. finally they were gotten under control. they were part of therapy animal visiting resident at elderly care home. somehow got spooked and made a run for it. so we ended up with a little llama drama. we did. >> san francisco 49ers quarterback capper physical and golden state warrior star curry want you to tell eat the fruit anld and vegies. they star in a new ad campaign focus on getting teens and moms to eat healthier. campaign is inspired by ads for big consumer brad that use celebrity to sell. >> great effort. >> definitely. >> washington about dad? the. >> team moychlt leaving them out. >> do nuts are good. >> we do like them. lets talk
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warriors. witness an mvp performance tonight and didn't come from one of their own. one of the feared pitcher in if
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>> final preview. warrior best record in the nba cavaliers 17 wins in the last 19 games. something had to give tonight. it was the pride of former st. mary's star matthew after andre crossed him over. team high 19 crossed him over. team high 19. james unstoppable inside and outside. 24 in the first half for king james. warriors down fifty half. gets worse third step curry mugged. steve is furs. curry 18 on the game.
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james has his way. season high 42. no time to sulk warriors in toronto tomorrow night. peyton at maple pavilion. his son at oregon state. passing the pack 12 all time scoring list team high 15. stanford rolled 75-48. men at home. women in corvalis t.3 field goal all 3 she had 11 cardinal with 5 players in double figure. upset the seventh rank beavers. world series trophy on display at war memorial leak we showed you earlier. jackson between 3 defender. game high 26. st. mary's with 14, 3's 84-53. sinking shark host detroit san jose led for most of the game. red wing score 2 goals in the final seven minutes and gym wish. shark fault are 3-2. fwov time cy young award winner fwov time cy young award
11:30 pm
winner. tim had to admit something to himself this off season that father knows best. mike explains from scottsdale. >> really good just kind of for my mind set building my confidence again and obviously that came from the years and years of being able to the mechanic of saying let's get back to. that he is a big part of that. just trying to the time able to give to me was pertinent to what i can do this year. >> number problem. i think dave understands and kind of been an understanding since i came here. mechanic a little bit unorthodox the. fought one to change me in any big fashion to change me in any big fashion. so i have to take it myself to do something about it. somebody that is more familiar with mep myself. >> couple cy young in and out of the starting line up. back in the starting line up. that has to be for yourself and confidence. >> yes. definitely good to
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know that but at the same time i want to feel like i earn the spot too. that's kind of what i have been diagnose on the off season to not make that such a factor is my will. i just want to do my best to earn that spot and proof that i can ham that responsibility. >> be grit to regain the foyvrment absolutely. >> fwhim eugene. >> thanks. >> 7 news continues on line on twitter for our 7 news app. >> next newscast at 4
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that's our report we appreciate your time. >> i'm amma for all of us here thanks for joining us right now. how to get away with
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